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 (rə-bät′, rä-)
The capital of Morocco, on the Atlantic Ocean northeast of Casablanca. Founded in the 1100s on the site of an earlier Muslim fortress, it is a minor port and has textile industries.


 (răb′ē, rə-băt′)
A piece of cloth fitted to the collar and covering the shirt front, worn chiefly by Roman Catholic and Anglican clergy.

[French, from Old French; see rebato.]




to rotate (a plane) so that it is aligned with another plane


(Placename) the capital of Morocco, in the northwest on the Atlantic coast, served by the port of Salé: became a military centre in the 12th century and a Corsair republic in the 17th century. Pop: 673 000 (2003)


(rɑˈbɑt, rə-)

the capital of Morocco, in the NW part on the Atlantic. 518,616.
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Noun1.Rabat - the capital of MoroccoRabat - the capital of Morocco; located in the northwestern on the Atlantic coast
Al-Magrib, Kingdom of Morocco, Maroc, Marruecos, Morocco - a kingdom (constitutional monarchy) in northwestern Africa with a largely Muslim population; achieved independence from France in 1956


[rəˈbɑːt] NRabat m


[rəˈbɑːt] nRabat


[rəˈbɑːt] nRabat f
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Il favorisera ainsi le renforcement de la connectivite entre Rabat et Sale, l'amelioration des conditions de deplacements dans les quartiers desservis, les correspondances avec les autres moyens de transport, l'encouragement de l'utilisation des transports en commun, notamment de ceux respectueux de l'environnement, ainsi que le reamenagement de l'espace public le long du trace.
SM le Roi, Chef Supreme et Chef d'Etat Major General des Forces Armees Royales presidera, jeudi a la Place du Mechouar du Palais Royal a Rabat, la ceremonie de prestation de serment devant Sa Majeste par les officiers, nouveaux laureats des differents ecoles et instituts militaires, paramilitaires et civils.
Kosansky described the Rabat Geniza's contents as providing "the collective library of the Rabat Jewish community at the end of the 20th century.
Also, the UAE Embassy in Rabat and the authorities of Misour and Fez-Boulemane regions organised mass iftars and distributed Ramadan food packets to locals in a number of villages and towns.
Sheikh Abdullah bin Nassir al Bakri, Manpower Minister and his accompanying delegation were received upon their arrival at Rabat Airport by Jamal Aghmani, Minister of Labor and Vocational Training in the Kingdom of Morocco, Moosa bin Hamdan al Ta'ei, the Sultanate's ambassador in Rabat, a number of officials at the Moroccan Foreign and Labor Ministries and members of the Omani Embassy in Rabat.
The objectives of this study were to determine the inheritance of nonnodulation in Annigeri NN and Rabat NN, and to determine the allelic relationship among these and previously reported nonnodulating genotypes.
The Line 2 extension project will enhance connectivity between Rabat and its twin city and, along with other means of transportation, improve travelling conditions for remote neighbourhoods, foster the public transportation network, especially eco-friendly ones, and redevelop state land along the tram route.
On Wednesday, HM King Mohammed VI will chair a reception at the Rabat Royal Palace, the ministry said in a statement.
SOUSSE (TAP) - Tunisia's Etoile Sportive du Sahel qualified beat Morocco's FUS Rabat 72-41 at an African Club Basketball Championship qualifying tournament North Africa Zone day-3 game played on Wednesday evening in Sousse.
RABAT, Jun 23, 2011 (TUR) -- Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas, who is also the head of United Cities & Local Governments (UCLG), met with Morocco's State Minister Saad Hassar in Rabat on Wednesday.
Summary: Selecting Rabat to host the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the Earth Day (April 17-25) stems from its strong environmental potential, Chairman of the council of Rabat Fathallah Oualalou said.
Major organization : RABAT LOCAL COUNCIL (MALTA) (RBT_LC)