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(Placename) a port in Papua New Guinea, on NE New Britain Island, in the Bismarck Archipelago: capital of the Territory of New Guinea until 1941; almost surrounded by volcanoes. Pop: 17 855 (2001 est)



a seaport on NE New Britain island, in the Bismarck Archipelago, Papua New Guinea. 14,954.
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Indian prisoners retained a sense of unit cohesion even after three-and-a-half years of captivity: at Rabaul liberated prisoners stood guard by a guard-hut and flagpole decorated at its base with whitewashed rocks reading "1st Hyderabad" --an Indian States Force battalion captured on Singapore.
The programme also travels to the Phlegraean Fields, near Naples, and Rabaul, in Papau New Guinea - calderas which measure more than 14 kilometres across - to explain their violent history and potential threat to mankind.
Komine initially migrated to Thursday Island in 1890, and was in search of a shell-fishing ground in 1901 when he met Governor Hahl in Rabaul.
Below us are the jungle hills of New Ireland; ahead, the purple volcanoes of Rabaul.
They are located beneath Long Valley, California, below fields west of Naples, Italy, within the Rabaul volcano in Papua New Guinea, in Mexico and at several locations within Alaska's Aleutian Islands.
26 Gulf of Panama Feb 11 Shark (SS-174) Celebes Sea Mar 3 Perch Java (northeast of) Jul 30 Grunion Kiska Aug 17 Bass Off Balboa, Panama 1943 Jan 10 Argonaut Rabaul, New Britain Feb 7 Growler Rabaul Feb 16 Amberjack Rabaul Mar 5-6 Grampus Blackett Strait Mar 15 Triton Rabaul Apr 3 Pickerel Kurile Islands Apr 22 Grenadier Strait of Malacca May 28 Runner Off Japan Jun 12 R.
Davenport's Song of the Exile, a saga of star-crossed lovers, opens in 1942 in Rabaul, New Britain, where Korean-Hawaiian Sunny Sung is imprisoned in a "comfort women's" compound for Japanese soldiers.
Volcanologists in Papua New Guinea saved 30,000 people by predicting the eruption of Rabaul volcano (146: 213).
The only students who have been consistently making use of oral resources in the church are the students in theological colleges, primarily the Pacific Theological College in Suva and, to a lesser extent, the Rarongo Theological College near Rabaul.
Douglas MacArthur, suspecting an attack would be launched from Rabaul on Empress Augusta Bay, off the west coast of Bougainville, had ordered the mission.
Regular service by sea and air now exists, from Rabaul and Kavieng.
The deposit is located some 70 km by road from Rabaul in East New Britain.