Rabbit fish

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(Zool.) The northern chimæra (Chimæra monstrosa
Any one of several species of plectognath fishes, as the bur fish, and puffer. The term is also locally applied to other fishes.

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Emperor, rabbit fish illegal from March1 to April 30
Officially called chimaeras, but also known as the rat fish, spookfish or even rabbit fish, ghost sharks have roamed the Earth's seas at of depths 8,500 feet.
The candidates would get a taste of Cebuano delicacies like roasted pig (lechon), sundried rabbit fish (danggit), pork skin crackling (chicharon) during their visit here, which would be dubbed 'Cebu Festive Lunch.
The fishermen wowed with a wide collection of seafood including sheri, rabbit fish, channad, hammour, squid, prawns and crabs.
Niyabat Al Ashkharah is an important source of fish as it exports the best of Omani fish, such as lobster, shrimps, kingfish, rabbit fish, yellowfin tuna, longtail tuna, emperor, and other types.
The price of rabbit fish went up 30 percent to SR800, while king fish went up 16 percent to SR950.
Article One: imposes a ban on life fisheries ( yellow fin tuna, kingfish, long tail tuna and rabbit fish ) from Oct 1st, 2013 to May 31st, 2014.
It stated: "We will seek to avoid bottom trawled fish where we believe it is likely to have a detrimental effect on the environment and we do not support the use of bottom gears for sea bottom trawling and we do not sell species such as grenadier or rabbit fish which are caught by this method.
The net caught a motley variety of fish: iridescent parrot fish, rabbit fish with their irritant spines and goal fish flushing crimson.
Christian Burel, a crewman aboard the Mariette La Roch, was left in agony after his foot was pierced by the dorsal spine of a Rabbit Fish which was thrashing about on deck.
Three other varieties -- parrotfish, rabbit fish and red-toothed triggerfish -- also swam to freedom in the waters off the aquarium in Al Khan area.