Rabbits' ears

(Bot.) See Cyclamen.

See also: Rabbit

References in classic literature ?
He made the rabbits' ears to lie back, an' it's nothin' but contrairiness to make 'em hing down like a mastiff dog's.
According to Peta, the couple was involved in producing videos which showed scantily clad girls "skinning a dog alive and burning another with a clothes iron, cutting off rabbits' ears and setting the rabbits on fire while they flailed and screamed, hitting a monkey in the eye with the sharp end of a stiletto heel, and crushing puppies until they vomited their own internal organs.
Guests at the Fazaris brunch at The Address Downtown Dubai said drunk adults and carefree children were manhandling the bunnies -- with some kids pulling the rabbits' ears.
The children's gestures included rotating their hands to show the orientation of a card or using their hands to illustrate the image on the card, for example gesturing the shape of rabbits' ears for a card depicting a rabbit.
If you want something slightly different, try French lavender (L stoechas subspecies pedunculata), which grows to around two feet (60cm) and bears dark purple flower spikes topped by bright purple bracts which look like rabbits' ears.
At a research lab, rabbits' ears are injected with vaccine.