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 (rŭ′bē) also Ra·bi·a (rə-bē′ə)
Either the third or the fourth month of the year in the Islamic calendar. See Table at calendar.

[Arabic rabī', spring, fourth; see rbʕ in Semitic roots.]


The agricultural season in South Asia in which rain is scarce and only irrigated crops are grown, with crops sown in October and November and harvested from March to May.

[Hindi rabī and Urdu rabī', from Arabic rabī', fourth part, spring; see rbʕ in Semitic roots.]


(Agriculture) (in Pakistan, India, etc) a crop that is harvested at the end of winter. Compare kharif
[Urdu: spring crop, from Arabic rabī' spring]


(Biography) Isidor Isaac. 1898–1988, US physicist, born in Austria, who devised the atomic and molecular beam resonance method of observing atomic spectra. Nobel prize for physics 1944


(ˈrɑ bi)

Isidor Isaac, 1898–1988, U.S. physicist.


(ˈrʌb i)
1. Rabi I, the third month of the Islamic calendar.
2. Rabi II, the fourth month of the Islamic calendar.
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Nicholas explained that Rabi was among the 84 civilians rescued by the troops.
RABI has been offering financial support to people in farming since 1860.
The arrested accused were stated to be involved in firing on 11 Rabi ul Awwal procession in Kot Diji Fort in Khairpur, on 30 November 2017, in which three people were killed and seven others injured.
Mr Fazal Rabi said the Swat region's MVE had been working on his position for the last 10 years controlling more than eight districts and that he was so influential that no one could transfer him.
One of the main reasons of low water availability for irrigation purposes in 2017 has been intentional delay in filling of Tarbela Dam by the authorities, which resulted in inadequate water in the reservoirs for the lean period of Rabi.
The ongoing Rabi season is expected to continue driving demand while international pricing dynamics (urea prices rebounded to $260 per ton, up 60% since a low of $163 per ton in June 2017) is also interesting.
Dismissing claims the venture is "Dickensian", RABI welfare chief Trish Pickford said the hampers met a basic need whilst bringing "joy and happiness" to their beneficiaries.
8 million from Pakpattan during the Rabi season July to October 2017.
Rabi died at Gaza's European Hospital after serious deterioration in her health that made it impossible to move her even in an ambulance, said the center.
According to his family sources, Fazal Rabi ustad had 450 audio albums to his credit and recipient of numerous awards for contributions to Pashto folk music.
But a bountiful rain is considered good for rabi crops which are sown in winter and harvested in summer.
Rabi threatened him in the back of the car: "I want my money.