Rabi I

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Noun1.Rabi I - the third month of the Islamic calendar
Islamic calendar, Mohammedan calendar, Moslem calendar, Muhammadan calendar, Muslim calendar - the lunar calendar used by Muslims; dates from 622 AD (the year of the Hegira); the beginning of the Muslim year retrogresses through the solar year completing the cycle every 32 years
Islamic calendar month - any lunar month in the Muslim calendar
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In the month of Muharram the number was 108, in Safar 122 and in Rabi I the number was 187 new Muslims.
FARMING charity RABI is seeking grant bids from Welsh producers badly affected by last year's summer drought.
DAP availability in current season of Rabi is estimated as 1,260,000 tonnes, which included 430,000 tonnes of inventory, 498,000 tonnes of imported supplies and domestic production of 332,000 tonnes.
RABI is a national farming charity that provides welfare advice, care and financial support to those who find themselves in times of hardship or distress.
RABI is also seeking a commercial sponsor to help cover the costs of producing its own commemorative map on which every registered beacon will be marked.
The RABI is a charity offers financial grants, advice and support to people of all ages in the farming community.