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(rəˈbɪn ə vɪts, -wɪts)

Solomon, Aleichem, Sholom.
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Though meteotsunamis have been known to occur for some time [initially Nomitsu (1935) and later Defant (1961)], the term was only recently accepted by the research community (Rabinovich and Monserrat 1996, 1998).
At this point in time, a few things that we know about namesaking are that boys are namesaked more often than girls (Johnson, et al., 1991; McAndrew, King, & Honoroff, 2002; Rabinovich, 1994), and that patrilineal namesaking is more common than matrilineal namesaking, especially for boys (Brown, Carvallo, & Imura, 2014; McAndrew et al., 2002).
Americans Caitlin Dolkart and Maria Rabinovich founded Rescue.co in 2016.
(20.) Potikha T, Ella E, Cerliani J P, Mizrahi L, Pappo O, Rabinovich GA, et al.
Deslumbrado pela estetica da violencia do cinema japones, seu ritmo narrativo e pelo tratamento dado a questoes existenciais a partir do cotidiano, Ponc frequentou o cine Joia e o cine Niteroi na companhia de Moises Baumstein, Moacyr Rocha e Paulina Rabinovich, que recorda essa etapa da amizade de ambos nos anos 1960:
Mass defections to the West are blamed on Sixteen, the final symphony of the famous composer Rabinovich, who committed suicide shortly after its first public performance.
"'Dater's Handbook,' which is the Meghan Markle one, was actually my first Hallmark [movie] and it was a fantastic experience because it was my first Hallmark," Rafaella Rabinovich told IBT.
The landlord was represented by Russ Rabinovich and Maura Gallagher from Haynes and Boone, LLP and the tenant was represented by Valarie Kelly and Jon Mechanic from Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Jacobson LLP.
Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich said, "This is an embarrassing incident, grave and lamentable, which offends the sanctity of the site and the feelings of those who visit the holy places," the Times of Israel cited.
"We were having an overwhelming number of leads come in and saw the quality of the response rate was declining; we were not properly managing the promise to our customers," explains Roman Rabinovich, the company's vice president of business development.