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(rəˈbɪn ə vɪts, -wɪts)

Solomon, Aleichem, Sholom.
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Rabinowitz was arrested in his one room office and arresting officers then searched the office desk, safe, and file cabinets for an hour and a half.
But Rabinowitz tells a story that's probably more representative of loyalty-case lawyering.
The life of Joseph Rabinowitz (1837-99) - scion of a distinguished hasidic family, founder of the "Israelites of the New Covenant" Movement in Kishinev, and convert to Christianity on his own terms - is fairly assessed in Kjaer-Hansen's book, although the designation of Rabinowitz as "the Herzl of Jewish Christianity" is a misnomer.
In an extensive series of articles, two of which were published in the Review, George Rabinowitz, Stuart Elaine Macdonald, and Ola Listhaug have launched a new spatial theory of electoral choice.
67) While Rabinowitz exhibited more liberal tendencies than Burke in civil cases, he was more conservative than burke in criminal cases, voting for the state over the criminal accused 50% of the time, and in that regard is second only to Justice Matthews -- the most consistently "law and order" justice on the court.
Rabinowitz possessed a semiological vocabulary of his own, one largely of his own making.
The book demonstrates anew why historian Howard Rabinowitz commands so much respect among American scholars.
Rabinowitz, widowed since his young wife drowned in the roaring torrent of a wadi, hired Yehudit to care for his household and help with the chores.
Sholem Aleichem Sholem Aleykhem pseudonym of Sholem Yakov Rabinowitz also spelled Sha-lom or Sholom, Rabinowitz also spelled Rabinovitsh (b.
Rabinowitz addresses the evolution of what he and other scholars have characterized as the "first" New South that emerged during the generation following the Civil War.
Also in 1938 and in Mukachevo, a large bookcase stands behind Rabbi Baruch Rabinowitz in discussion with his students.
There's bribery, kickbacks, conflicts of interest, and charges for work never performed," says Bobbi Rabinowitz, vice president for publicity at AFSCME Local 371 in New York City.