Race suicide

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1.The voluntary failure of the members of a race or people to have a number of children sufficient to keep the birth rate equal to the death rate.
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The more we take, the more they make In deep sea matrimony; Race suicide cannot betide The fertile abalone.
Both Bederman and Lovett draw on Theodore Roosevelt in order to illustrate growing concerns about race suicide, juxtaposing his ideas with those of less well known historical figures.
There were miserable flats of three or four rooms, or fewer, in which families that did not practise race suicide cooked, washed, and ate; slept from two to four in a bed, in windowless bedrooms; quarrelled in the gray morning, and made up in the smoky evening; tormented each other, supported each other, saved each other, drove each other out of the house.
The essay culminates in an apparent vision of race- and gender-blind national citizenship: "[W]e will pay women what they earn and insist on their working and earning it; we will allow those persons to vote who know enough to vote, whether they be black or female, white or male; and we will ward race suicide, not by further burdening the over-burdened, but by honoring motherhood, even when the sneaking father shirks his duty" (185).
By invoking such figures, this study retrieves naturalism from discussions of dog-eating wolves or men who think they are wolves and turns instead to a range of political and social contestations encircling motherhood and race suicide and to the paths available to fin-de-siecle women and the fiction that depicts them.
The arguement was that women would become sterile or become hysterical if they pursued higher education, and that educated women would turn away from what was expected of them--to be a wife and mother, and that ultimately this would lead to race suicide.
d) "The selfishness which leads to race suicide with or without the pretext of bettering the species is, in God's sight, a detestable thing.
Because degenerates were unable to recognize their responsibility to prevent race suicide, the state had to intervene in order to accomplish what the degenerate could not; thus, forced sterilization was to be the moral responsibility of any humanitarian society.
The prospect of numerical declines in combination with still older age structures generates a host of fears--of, for example, labor shortages and wage inflation, weakened national defenses, shortages of intellect, declines in national 'vigor,' race suicide and the disappearance of European culture," says Day, who notes that demographers are less convinced that a population apocalypse is at hand.
Responding to criticisms of the play, Grimke clarified her own ambitions for the work, defined the audience she hoped to reach with it, and denied that it "preaches race suicide.
12), relations between neurasthenia and concerns about race suicide (pp.
Understanding of other concerns and processes, such as race suicide and the cult of domesticity, would also serve to clarify the nurse-doctor relationship.