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The sport of walking for speed, the rules of which require the racer to maintain continual foot contact with the ground and to keep the supporting leg straight at the knee from first contact with the ground until that leg is directly below the upper body.

race′walk′ v.
race′walk′er n.


the activity of racing by walking fast rather than running
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At age 72, this grandmother of five has taken race-walking to the national level and is proudly promoting a message of healthy living at any age.
The Commonwealth 20km race-walking gold medallist took time out of her preparations for London 2012 to encourage people to enter the SABIC Tees Pride 10k run in Middlesbrough.
THE longest journey begins with a single step - and Brendan Boyce's quest for Olympic race-walking glory started in Coventry five years ago.
Surprisingly, once I really got the technique down it was a lot easier to get into the race-walking mode and the more workouts I did, it became easier and easier," Gray said.
But, the sport was put to the side until Lauren entered high school and immediately became a presence upon the race-walking scene.
However, I feel every time I put my race-walking shoes on there is a big chance of producing something special.
Race-walking is what I love but most people tend to ignore it and some of those who don't just think it's unusual to say the least.
The world governing body have decided to officially recognise for the first time road-running and race-walking performances for most distances as world records -and Radcliffe can therefore claim to hold the best 10 kilometres, 20K and marathon marks.
A former runner, Norton began race-walking after her doctor suggested she switch to reduce the amount of stress on her knees.
To make sure the racers don't get carried away, race-walking events have judges.
Johanna admits her entry into race-walking - with its relatively low profile and "wiggling bottom" style - wasn't straightforward.