Rack rail

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(Railroads) a toothed rack, laid as a rail, to afford a hold for teeth on the driving wheel of a locomotive for climbing steep gradients, as in ascending a mountain.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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These are fixed to either side of the centre toothed rack rail and are of an inverted 'L' cross section.
To get there, take the train from Barcelona-Sants station to Ribes de Freser, then the cremallera rack rail to Vall de NA*ria.
The image, taken on the A720 Edinburgh City Bypass on Thursday, shows a red 52 plate Vauxhall Safira with the frame apparently loosely tied to one side of the roof rack rail.
Cog Railway: A railway with a toothed rack rail between the tracks.
At the middle of one side, drill a hole under the third-from-the-bottom drying rack rail to admit the probe.
The model features rear view camera, parking assist, remote start, Bluetooth, XM Radio and NavTraffic, White Diamond Tricoat paintjob, Cashmere coloured interior, 20-inch chrome rims, roof rack rail, and commemorative badges on the wheel cap, sill plates and front headrests.
It features two recessed monitor wells, a desk top with two angled rack mounts for recessed controls, two suspended rack rail units, and a pull-out shelf.
The all-new Rolling Compact Rigs feature a standard 10U top, and 2U, 4U, or 6U front and rear rack rails depending on the model.