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An adherent of a 16th-century Italian sect holding unitarian views, including denial of the divinity of Jesus.
Of or relating to the Socinians or their doctrines.

[New Latin Sociniānus, after Laelius Socinus and Faustus Socinus.]

So·cin′i·an·ism n.


the heretical tenets of Faustus Socinius, a 16th-century Italian theologian, denying the divinity of Christ, the existence of Satan, original sin, the atonement, and eternal punishment, and explaining sin and salva-tion in rationalistic terms. Cf. Racovianism. — Socinian, n., adj.
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In his capacity as licenser Milton probably authorized the publication of the Catechesis or Racovian Catechism, and that decision suggests that by 1652 he had "abandoned the orthodox position on the Trinity" (181).
Milton has been linked to Socianism through his licensing of the Racovian Catechism, "the federal document of the Polish Socinian church" (29).
According to her, he seems not fully to have realized the implications of his own 'core arguments' in Areopagitica and may only have begun to attend closely to anti-Trinitarian views when required to license the Socinian Racovian Catechism in 1650.