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Adj.1.far left - radical or extremely liberal
left - of or belonging to the political or intellectual left
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Whether Corbyn could become leader of a Labour Party that would espouse the radical leftism of Greece's Syriza Party and Spain's Podemos Party remains to be seen.
"Having a chair thrown at him by an angry communist, or being called a fascist, had as much to do with Benton's reaction to radical leftism as did his pragmatism." He left New York for the Midwest.
And a fair reading behind your lines would seem to place you in deep conflict with the long history of the Democratic Party and with the historical meaning of the term "liberal." While you claim to identify yourself with the "long liberal tradition extending back to the Enlightenment and the American Founders," and to reject the sort of radical leftism of The Nation, the thrust of your argument seems more in the direction of providing intellectual cover for the wake of 1960s radicalism and a "vegetarian" brand of academic Marxism.