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Noun1.Radiolaria - marine protozoaRadiolaria - marine protozoa      
animal order - the order of animals
Actinopoda, subclass Actinopoda - heliozoans; radiolarians
radiolarian - protozoa with amoeba-like bodies and radiating filamentous pseudopods
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Radiolaria, Heliozoa, Foraminifera, Ciliophora, Cnidaria, Ctenophora, Platyhelminthes, Nemertea, Rotifera and Mollusca.
Among the holoplankton; copepoda, appendicularia, chaetognatha, doliolida, medusae, pteropoda, salpidae and siphonophora were encountered in every season, amphipoda was encountered in spring and winter, cumacea was encountered in winter, foraminifera was encountered in summer, autumn and winter, heteropoda and ostracoda was encountered in spring, autumn and winter, and radiolaria was encountered in spring and winter.
De esta forma para un futuro, se sugieren analisis complementarios para el MC4 como: (1) alquenonas (Uk37), (2) el registro de Mg/ Ca en foraminiferos planctonicos, (3) el radio entre los foraminiferos planctonicos Globorotalia menardii cultrata y Neogloboquadrina dutertertrei, (4) el indice de surgencia con radiolarios ("Upwelling radiolaria index") y, (5) la relacion Florisphaera profunda/otros cocolitoforidos.
In the Cutri Formation they have been observed to occur alongside other faunal remains characteristic of deep water environments such as radiolaria (Abbots, 1989) and planktonic fauna.
Down, the filigraic radiolaria spines combed from the briny womb they whirled in, skeletons like radiant spheres or suns.
Los dibujos hechos por el naturalista aleman Ernst Haeckel de estos esqueletos microscopicos de radiolaria encontrados en su expedicion maritima muestran un octaedro, un icosaedro y un dodecaedro como formas mas simples de la vida en el mar (30).
On Earth, biomineral educations meet at Radiolaria, Coccolithaceae, Diatoms, Sponges, and also at all vertebrate animals.
Bioclasts are composed of benthic foraminifera, various-sized bivalve fragments, radiolaria, echinoid fragments, bryozoa and pelagic fossils.
Thick-bedded Limestone with yellow weathered to buff color and in some cases pink to red having radiolaria, saccocoma, tintinid and sponge spicule
In response to those who suggested that the geodesic structures were merely replicas of natural forms including radiolaria and fly's eye, such as those illustrated by Haekel and D'Arcy Thompson.
The film lingers over the contours of the elaborately filigreed "bowls, helmets, houses, windmills, and towers": the tiny Radiolaria inhabiting the deep seas.