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n. pl. ne·re·i·des (nə-rē′ĭ-dēz′)

[Latin Nērēïs, Nereid; see Nereid.]


(Animals) any polychaete worm of the genus Nereis. See ragworm
[C18: from Latin; see Nereid1]
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The pollock, one of the best fighting fish in the sea, which took a couple of small pieces of rag worm, took Jack all over the place before the fish was safely landed and weighed in at 6lb 12oz.
Most fish were caught on squid, sand eel and rag worm using a panel rig.
Among fishermen, the common names are used interchange-ably--clam worm, rag worm, sand worm, blood worm.
The Beacons, Cresswell, the bottom of the cliffs at Newbiggin and the Church Point have given up codling and flounders to llb, mainly on mackerel strip and rag worm.
Dragon Feeds of Aberavon has completed its pounds 3m Objective One-funded testing phase and will now build a mill for rag worm at Baglan Energy Park; the enterprise expects to have a turnover in the region of pounds 300m.
FLOAT-FISHED rag worm took a winning haul of 41 pollack and coalies for John McEwan in a Corinthians match on the Mull of Galloway.
Using a flowing trace with rag worm did the trick and Derek has several other codling plus the all important whiting for the heaviest two-species of the day from a total 10lb 3oz.
Piers along the coast are now giving mackerel, but so far not in any quantity with a variety of methods taking fish, including spinners, feathers and float fishing using mackerel strip or rag worm.
The ray, which usually hunts in deep waters down to 60 fathoms or more, fell for a juicy rag worm on his last catch of the match.
The longest fish of the day, an 85 centimetre conger, fell to Peter Smalls as he float-fished a rag worm bait - - a method that had already accounted for a number of small Wrasse.
His success has come using a lug and rag worm bait cast out as the tide comes in during the day.
Shad, herring, coalfish and pollack are being caught at Roker on rag worm and lug worm.