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An ancient city of Media southeast of modern Tehran in north-central Iran. One of the greatest cities of ancient times, it was traditionally founded in 3000 bc and flourished until the Middle Ages. The city was finally destroyed by Tatars in the 13th century ad.
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Al Wakra Hospital Diabetes Educator and lead organiser for the event Ragae Dughmosh said many diabetics are able to safely fast and avoid serious health complications.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 8 November 2017: "The scene of General Adel Ragae's widow, who raved about UN Women's lack of support to bereaved women that lost their loved ones to terrorism, is one of the WYF's most touching moments," Maya Morsi said on Wednesday.
The prosecution branch in the governorate ordered the body of Islam Mohamed Ragae, a student at the Faculty of Pharmacy, be buried after all legal procedure are completed.