a.1.Ragged; rough.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The coalition is headed by Raggie Jessy, a blogger known for his controversial Third Force blog.
(19) Raggie Johansen, "Guinea-Bissau: A New Hub for Cocaine Trafficking," Perspectives 5 (May 2008): 4-7; and Ed Vulliamy, "How a Tiny West African Country Became the World's First Narco-State," The Guardian, March 9, 2008.
Herbert & NPB, 14.v.1988 (E2673); Leadsman Shoal, Raggie Reef, 1-2 km north of Leven Point (27.80[degrees]S 32.62[degrees]E), living, -8-12 m, mixed algal & coral reef, D.
Honours were shared after an entertaining tussle between Lord Raglan and Railway Meols finished 3-3 as Mike Shaw (2) and Shaun Bagley netted for the Raggie with Chris Brogelli, Andy Wainwright and Tom Evans on target for Railway.
Nicknamed The Raggie Dolls, they have been going for five years and train at their Liverpool Cricket Club base on Wednesdays, 7-9pm.
The nine players are Ford, Gibson, Raggie Jackson, Kaline, Killebrew, Nolan Ryan, Seaver, Stargell, and Ted Williams.
Chris Shiner and Raggie Barnes were sighted in and around the Hubba compound, but they may have been there to just monitor the Pantera project.
Raggie, a doughnut-shaped bundle of chamois cloth, is a cross between the two.
Maggie Raggie Sweetie Singer is 18" long with a flexible frame, plush body, soft hair, Velcro hands for holding accessories, playful facial expressions and a wire skeleton for posing and standing.
dived, 7&12.v.1990 (S1674); Leadsman Shoal, Raggie Reef, 1-2km North of Leven Point (27.90[degrees]S 32.62[degrees]E), -9-14 m, mixed algal and coral reef, D.
All of the above-mentioned merchandising devices were employed by Zapf in marketing its toys through the grocery channel, including one of its biggest sellers, the nine-inch-long Maggie Raggie doll that retails for $6 and delivers up to a 60percent margin.