Rail guard

A device attached to the front of a locomotive on each side for clearing the rail of obstructions
A guard rail. See under Guard.

See also: Rail, Rail

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I am a former British Rail guard and would like to give my point of view as to the on going issue of guardless trains.
I AM an ex-British Rail guard and would like to give my point of view as to the ongoing issue of guardless trains.
The 11 year-old Palestinian Arab who stabbed and injured a Jerusalem light rail guard in a terror attack last month has been released from hospital and into a state-funded juvenile ward Tuesday, as the government scrambles to find an appropriate way to handle the preteen terrorist.
A RAIL guard was jailed for five years yesterday for causing the death of Georgia Varley.
Easy installation with no modification to the barrel.complete with 12 PCs rubber rail guard.
A RAIL guard was punched as he tried to stop a thug forcing his way out of a Liverpool station.
A FORMER British Rail guard who set up Birmingham's first gay nightclub has died, aged 79.
Ben, who quit as a rail guard after his 2004 win, said: "One day I looked in the mirror and realised it wasn't just my bank account that was huge.
He is a former British Rail guard and signalman who served as chairman of Travel West Midlands.
For 20 years, twisted British Rail guard Robert McPherson, 64, lured kids into taking trips on his train so he could molest them.
A rugby fan accused of pushing a rail guard onto the track at Cardiff Central station has been cleared by a jury.
Rail guard Richard Cooper, 40, from Tonbridge, Kent, murdered his wife Teresa, 46, in a rage after he recorded her having sex with another man, Maidstone Crown Court heard.