Rain bird

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(Zool.) the yaffle, or green woodpecker. [Prov. Eng.] The name is also applied to various other birds, as to Saurothera vetula of the West Indies.

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The project will retrofit/provide Rain Bird Maxicom central control to these three (3) pump stations and their associated multiple control systems.
Rain Bird celebrates its 75th anniversary of the filing of the patent for its first product--the Horizontal Action Impact Drive sprinkler head.
Rain Bird pushed the bounds of conventional float design to incorporate Earth's most precious element, water, into the design and theme of their 2007 float entry.
WE HAVE had no shortage of rain but, ironically, the rain bird is in trouble.
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Rain Bird divides its curriculum into three grade level segments, K-3.
500+ Public Gardens Nationwide Join the American Public Gardens Association and Rain Bird In Celebrating an Annual Day of Awareness That Honors the Role Public Gardens Play in Promoting Plant and Water Conservation, Education and Environmental Leadership
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The Rain Bird 5000/5000 Plus PRS combines industry-leading Rain Curtain[TM] nozzle technology with integral pressure regulation to provide users with a new standard in sprinkler performance.
Most recently, she was a district sales manager with Rain Bird Agri-Products Co.
Presented in partnership by Rain Bird and the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation (MTF) at Michigan State University, the morning-long summit featured brief presentations followed by a series of expert panel discussions on the topics of water quality, turfgrass science, irrigation design and sports/turf course design as it relates to efficient water use in the green industry.