Rain band

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(Meteorol.) a dark band in the yellow portion of the solar spectrum near the sodium line, caused by the presence of watery vapor in the atmosphere, and hence sometimes used in weather predictions.

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Nicola Maxey added: "Friday night and through Saturday could see heavy rain as a rain band moves south-east from the North-West to the Midlands, reaching the South-East later on Sunday."
With a massive rain band 900 kilometers (560 miles) wide,
The spokesman said: "Quite the contrast to Saturday with a frontal rain band extending eastwards to affect most parts of the country.
We've not had much today and it's due to be largely dry tomorrow, but there's a rain band on Wednesday.
"Tomorrow, we will see outbreaks of rain as the rain band will be pushed further north.
There is some uncertainty over the exact position and intensity of the rain band, so the alert will be kept under review and updated as necessary.
"Lando" had weakened into a tropical storm and moved into the South China Sea this morning, but its huge rain band ensured downpours across swathes of the sodden north where tens of thousands of people were displaced.
Within the general rain band are vigorous storms, which track west.
"Much cooler air arrives on Saturday after the rain band - and it gets cooler as the weekend goes on.
Typhoon Bopha slammed into the Davao region at dawn, its ferocious winds ripping roofs from homes and its 500-kilometer- (311-mile-) wide rain band flooding low-lying farmland.