Rain water

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water that has fallen from the clouds in rain.

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The few mouthfuls of Ska that he had eaten, together with the blood and rain water and the sleep had refreshed him greatly and put new strength into his tired muscles.
He fell forward, and at once rolled over and over helplessly, going down the short slope together with the rush of running rain water. He came to rest in the roadway of the street at the bottom, lying on his back, with a great flash of lightning over his face--a vivid, silent flash of lightning which blinded him utterly.
He set his teeth and said nothing, but went with the shouting monkeys to a terrace above the red sandstone reservoirs that were half-full of rain water. There was a ruined summer-house of white marble in the center of the terrace, built for queens dead a hundred years ago.
As you cannot do that, please send me a bottle of June rain water, for my maid tells me it is better than any cosmetic for the complexion, and mine is getting ruined by late hours.
Meanwhile, rain water also reportedly entered the New Islamabad International Airport which created a mess.
The rain water spread on the roads due to blockage of the drainage system, which made the traffic jams on road.
DADU -- Natural rain water of Nai Gaj has undated more than 10 villages of Khair Thar range of Kachho hilly area and it has disconnected villagers land route of Wahi Johi-Road , which has caused great hardships for tourists those are coming and returning from Gorakh Hill station, it was learned here on Saturday.
PESHAWAR -- After the provincial city received heavy rain, the people confronted numerous problems while moving from one place to another as all the main roads were full of rain water. Earlier the Met Office had predicted torrential rain in parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa till Monday.
Summary: According to the Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW), around 628 million gallon of rain water was conserved in various reservoirs of the country in last two days.
Tap water is rain water that drained into a reservoir before it was filtered and had chlorine and fluorine added to it while being pumped to us to drink.