Rainy Lake

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Rain·y Lake

A lake of northern Minnesota and southwest Ontario, Canada, drained by the Rainy River, which flows about 130 km (80 mi) generally westward along the US-Canadian border to Lake of the Woods.
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Ontario native and Bassmaster Elite pro Jeff "Gussy" Gustafson recommends Lake of the Woods and Rainy Lake, where catches of 50 to 70 bass per day are common.
This work explores Canadian-US transboundary environmental problems in the Lake of the Woods watershed and the Rainy Lake basin over past 150 years.
Theodore Catton, Rainy Lake House: Twilight of Empire on the Northern Frontier.
Under the MOU, the framework agreement with the MNO covers the Atikokan MAaAaAeA@tis Community Council, the Kenora MAaAaAeA@tis Community Council, the North MAaAaAeA@tis Community Council and the Sunset Country MAaAaAeA@tis Community Coun which represent the regional rights-bearing MAaAaAeA@tis communities in t Treaty #3 area, including, the MAaAaAeA@tis traditional territories of La of the Woods, Lac Seul, Rainy River and Rainy Lake.
Last January, the town hired Scatliff + Miller + Murray, headquartered in Winnipeg, Man., to design a square on the site of the former Rainy Lake Hotel.
BONFIRE: Caron Daniel of Duluth snuggles by the campfire with her son Ayden, 8, at the Windmill Rock campground on Rainy Lake.
The International Rainy Lake of the Woods Watershed Board (15) became the second watershed board in January 2013 with a mandate to assist in coordinating binational water quality efforts for the entire watershed and to coordinate the management of the water levels and flows on the Rainy River and Rainy Lake.
After mission work at Rainy Lake and Norway House, Steinhauer moved to Lac La Biche, in north-eastern Alberta, where he opened a mission in 1855.
We say 1893 was the start of the rush for mineral wealth on the shores and islands of Rainy Lake in far northern Minnesota, but this boom had its origins much further back in time.
"When you get to Rainy Lake you're going south on the Rainy-Whatum Trail No.
In fact, he felt so much better that he decided "to traverse all the major canoe routes in the Rainy Lake watershed." And thus, as he later wrote in American Forests magazine, he and a guide "cruised the whole boundary from Pigeon River to Rainy Lake." They also paddled the major routes in what are now Quetico and White Otter- Turtle River Provincial Parks in Ontario and several other routes just west and north of Quetico.