Raisin River

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Rai·sin River

A river, about 185 km (115 mi) long, of southeast Michigan flowing generally eastward to Lake Erie.
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For over 225 years, the Sir John Johnson Manor House, in the historic village of Williamstown in South Glengarry, Ontario, has graced the banks of the Raisin River, serving as a link between the present and the coming of the United Empire Loyalists to this country in 1783.
Caption: Far left: An 1822 map of the Michigan Territory including Monroe County, I, Frenchtown, and the Raisin River. (Image courtesy of Michigan State University Libraries.) Left: A reproduction of a map displaying French claims in Michigan's River Raisin region, circa 1810.
This venerable group, stationed most of its time in Quebec, marched west during the War of 1812 and, before returning to garrison duty, seized and occupied Fort Michilimackinac and took part in the Raisin River and Miami battles.
These sisters were founded to teach the children of the French and Indians who lived along the Raisin River.
The Bass Islands Group, composed of the Put-in-Bay and Raisin River Dolomites, is recognized at surface exposures.
acquired Raisin River Fancy Foods, a West Chicago-based company specializing in shelf-stable specialty products.
Clair or in other rivers north to the Thunder Bay River in Thunder Bay, Michigan, or south to the Raisin River, a Lake Erie tributary, with the exception of the Detroit River tributary site (Table 1; Jude, unpublished data; Bailey et al.
Nichols is particularly concerned about a zebra mussel colony she's studying near Monroe in the Raisin River. These waters receive plentiful supplies of organic nutrients from the rainwater running off nearby farmlands.
He was wounded while serving with the 1st Essex at the Battle of Raisin River on 22 January 1813.
Only a few months earlier, the Americans had suffered a terrible loss at Raisin River, derailing plans to recapture Detroit and forcing them to regroup and lick their wounds.
European Imports Ltd., the Chicago-based specialty cheese, wild game, and specialty food importer and distributor, purchased Raisin River Fancy Foods March 16, 2001.