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Noun1.Rajidae - bottom-dwelling tropical rays: skates
fish family - any of various families of fish
Batoidei, order Batoidei, order Rajiformes, Rajiformes - fish with dorsoventrally flattened bodies; includes: rays; skates; guitarfishes; sawfishes
skate - large edible rays having a long snout and thick tail with pectoral fins continuous with the head; swim by undulating the edges of the pectoral fins
genus Raja, Raja - type genus of the family Rajidae
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Seals in Oregon consumed 6 families of non-teleost prey, including Myxinidae, Octopodidae, Rajidae, Loliginidae, Cancridae, and Crangonidae.
Los ordenes con mayor diversidad especifica son: Rajiformes (con 41 especies), Myliobatiformes (35) y Rhinobatiformes (10); a nivel de familias: Rajidae (31), Urotrygonidae (11), Dasyatidae y Rhinobatidae (cada una con 9); y a nivel de generos: Raja (9), Rhinobatos (7) y Urotrygon (7) (Fig.
Kingcroaker 1,050 43,001 Oligoplites sanrus I rather 1,000 24,176 jacket Peprilus pam American -- 6,461 harvestfish Prionotus punctatus Bluewing 22,400 1,615,631 searobin Pomatomus saltatrix Bluefish 16,130 158,373 Rajidae Rays 1,100 7,152 Rhinobatos spp.
These factors, along with bycatch, can lead these organisms to a population decline, and the family Rajidae is one of the most vulnerable to exploitation (Dulvy and Reynolds, 2002).
The large number of small species (<50 cm TL or DW) were mainly from the families of Narcinidae, Urotrygonidae, and Rajidae.
venezuelae was lower in females than in males, backing the hypothesis proposed by Braccini & Chiaramonte (2002) for some small sized skates of the family Rajidae, where females reach size of sexual maturity before males, Psammobatis extenta and U.
An identification key for dermal denticles of Rajidae from the North Sea.
Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Chondrichthyes Subclass Elasmobranchii Superorder Batoideo OrderRajiformes Families Anacanthobatidae Plesiobatidae Dasyatidae Potamotrygonidae Gymnuridae Rajidae Hexatrygonidae Rhinobatidae Myliobatidae Urolophiidae Table 2: Antibiotics used in the treatment of uncomplicated infections and wound prophylaxis.
Tabela II Arqueofauna de vertebrados do Sitio Piracanjuba * TAXA PESO (g) ** SETOR NOME COMUM CLASSE CHONDRICHTHYES Ordem Rajidae Familia Potamotrygonidae Potamotrygon sp.
6 SUBDIVISION BATOIDEA ORDEN RAJIFORMES FAMILIA RAJIDAE Raja inornata Jordan y Gilbert, 1881 Raya de California 3.

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