n.1.A Ramist.
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Chicago Curie -- Ramean Hinton 2 3-3 8, Justin Harmon 4 2-4 10, Demari Nixon 3 6-6 12, DaJuan Gordon 10 3-6 24, Trevon Hamilton 3 0-1 8, Elijah Pickens 1 0-1 2, Nicholas Owens 0 0-0 0, Phillip Berryhill 0 0-0 0, Armond William 0 0-0 0, Jermel Grigsby 0 0-0 0.
La razon ilustrada autonoma no solo es cientifica, instrumental y calculadora, sino que puede llegar a extraviarse a si misma no solo filosofica sino tambien literariamente; puede apostar por lo subversivo como muestra Diderot en el Sobrino de Ramean, asi como servir a la pasion y lograr que el "egoismo inteligente" se pueda armonizar societariamente, como se ve en Hume.
While the manuscript in the Staats-bibliothek zu Berlin is the primary source for this edition, the editors also consulted the printed edition of Ramean's 1757 version of Les Surprises for comparison and to resolve any scribal errors or harmonic questions.
Colacurcio observes that "to Endicott, apparently, a maypole expresses the phallic essence of Anglo-Catholic paganism," which implies a psychological dimension, but his own reading focuses more on Blackstone's canonical coat than on Morton's maypole and stresses the story's theological aspects, concluding in a footnote that "Hawthorne's own view" was that "Puritanism defines itself as the supplantation of the Myth by Nature by its Ramean opposite, the Myth by Grace." (28)
the Ramean method was the one approved." Indeed, the "teaching of Ramus was, as it now seems to us, a preparation for that of Descartes, and the inferences from it proved friendly to what turned out to be the new science." (16) In the words with which Tocqueville would later begin the sequel to de la Democratie en Amerique, L'Amerique est donc l'un des pays du monde ou l'on etudie le moins et ou l'on suit le mieux les preceptes de Descartes.
Best's description of a Lyly play as a series of pictures, "frozen or suspended condition [s] of contradiction," implies spatialistic dramaturgy, a method utilizing not simply static tableaus but also the equivalent of Ramean diagrammatics.
How do we really determine how audiences reacted to Ramean's operas?
Chicago Curie -- Ramean Hinton 4 0-0 10, Justin Harmon 0 0-2 0, Demari Nixon 1 2-2 5, DeJuan Gordon 5 -0 10, Trevon Hamilton2 2-2 7, Elijah Pickens 3 0-0 7, Nicholas Owens 0 0-0 0, Josiah Hammons 0 0-0 0, Jamir Morris 0 0-0 0, Phillip Berryhill 1 0-0 3, Joshua Curry 0 0-0 0, Armond Williams Jr.
The Condors are led by four double-figure scorers -- 6-3 senior DaJuan Gordon (17.6 ppg), 6-3 senior Justin Harmon (14.2), 6-4 junior Ramean Hinton (11.5) and 6-2 senior Damari Nixon (10.1).