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(ˈræmsiːz) or


(Biography) any of 12 kings of ancient Egypt, who ruled from ?1315 to ?1090 bc


(ˈræm siz)

also Rameses

1. the name of several kings of ancient Egypt.
2. Ramses II, king of ancient Egypt 1292–1225 b.c.
3. Ramses III, king of ancient Egypt 1198–1167 b.c.
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Noun1.Ramses - any of 12 kings of ancient Egypt between 1315 and 1090 BCRamses - any of 12 kings of ancient Egypt between 1315 and 1090 BC
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They then launched another attack on Egypt, by sea and land, which was overwhelmed by the troops of Rameses III (c.
Ancient Egypt contains 1,500 exhibits from the museum's world-class collections - indeed, one of its great treasures, the vividly-coloured belt of Rameses III, is on display for the first time since before the Second World War.
Topics include border delineation and the setting of boundary stellae during the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, Egyptian-Canaanite relations in the Second Intermediate Period as reflected by scarabs, relations between Amenhotep II and the Kingdom of Mitanni, archaeological findings at a settlement of the Sherden dated to the reign of Rameses III, parallelism between the biblical passage II Samuel 22 and the Israel Stela of Merneptah, Egyptian influence behind the names of Immanuel in the biblical book of Isaiah, Egyptian influence on the Southern Levant and the Kingdom of Judah during the 26th Dynasty, and the role of civil servants who participated in Egyptian military campaigns.
hieroglyphic inscription of a signature made on the instruction of Rameses III, who ruled ancient Egypt between 1187 BC and
William James Muller's The entrance to the small temple at Medinet Habu, Luxor, Egypt depicts the entrance to a small Roman temple that is situated next to the great Mortuary Temple of Rameses III at Medinet Habu on the West Bank at Luxor (estimate: $9,100-12,000),.
A depiction in the temple of Rameses III shows a female servant preparing a meal of lentils.