Rampart gun

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(Fort.) a cannon or large gun for use on a rampart and not as a fieldpiece.

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I was just reading the article on the French rampart gun in Garry James' April feature "Man the Ramparts!" I noticed that although James called the gun a 20mm, one of the captions says that the bore is .81 inches.
Some of the smallest artefacts are 18th century patch boxes that are kept locked away in a display cabinet, while more unusual items are the execution axes and a rampart gun, dating back to 1790, held in the castle's armoury.
It was not long before specialized "rampart guns," which were larger than normal muskets but smaller than one of the more modest artillery pieces, evolved.
While undeniably hefty, weighing in at 13.13 pounds, the Model 1838, unlike earlier rampart guns, was of short rifle length and configuration, and was nicknamed gross carabine (big carbine).
Why, you may ask, when traditional rampart guns were long and heavy, was the '38 made to short-rifle dimensions?