n.1.A rampart.
The Trojans round the place a rampire cast.
- Dryden.
v. t.1.To fortify with a rampire; to form into a rampire.
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Others did fortify and rampire their walls, set up little fortresses, bastions, squared ravelins, digged trenches, cleansed countermines, fenced themselves with gabions, contrived platforms, emptied casemates, barricaded the false brays, erected the cavaliers, repaired the counterscarps, plastered the curtains, lengthened ravelins, stopped parapets, morticed barbacans, assured the portcullises, fastened the hemes, sarasinesques, and cataracts, placed their sentries, and doubled their patrol.
Arriving, for instance, at a place in Dorsetshire near the hills of Hameldon and Hodde, both fortified with triple rampires, Camden describes the village of Okeford as the chief barony of Robert Fitz-Payne, to whom it was given by Edward III.