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(Placename) a port and resort in SE England, in E Kent on the North Sea coast. Pop: 37 967 (2001)


(ˈræmzˌgeɪt; Brit. -gɪt)

a seaport in NE Kent, in SE England: resort. 39,482.
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With this object in view, having celebrated our marriage privately in London, we had decided on instructing the sailing-master of the yacht to join us at Ramsgate. At this port (when the season for visitors was at an end) we could embark far more privately than at the popular yachting stations situated in the Isle of Wight.
She had passed a weary night at the bedside of a near relative staying at Ramsgate. Only the day before she had received a telegram announcing that one of her sisters was seriously ill.
"Here is a gentleman coming," she said to me, pointing in the direction of Ramsgate. You can never walk back.
About a year ago, she was taken from school, and an establishment formed for her in London; and last summer she went with the lady who presided over it, to Ramsgate; and thither also went Mr.
I went down to Ramsgate for a week with a friend last September, just after my return from the West Indies.
The blue-and- white mugs of the present-day roadside inn will be hunted up, all cracked and chipped, and sold for their weight in gold, and rich people will use them for claret cups; and travellers from Japan will buy up all the "Presents from Ramsgate," and "Souvenirs of Margate," that may have escaped destruction, and take them back to Jedo as ancient English curios.
Meanwhile the gallant Jos had agreed to escort his sister and the Major's wife, the bulk of whose goods and chattels, including the famous bird of paradise and turban, were with the regimental baggage: so that our two heroines drove pretty much unencumbered to Ramsgate, where there were plenty of packets plying, in one of which they had a speedy passage to Ostend.
Jack," he says to me, "this is my old pal, Mr Jerry Moore, wot I met in 'appier days down at Ramsgate one summer."
All the young clerks are madly in love, and according to their various degrees, pine for bliss with the beloved object, at Margate, Ramsgate, or Gravesend.
I had not walked out far enough to be quite clear of the town, upon the Ramsgate road, where there was a good path, when I was hailed, through the dust, by somebody behind me.
It has been brought to my attention that unacceptable delays have occurred at the Port of Ramsgate. I will not tolerate this."
To mark the anniversary of Operation Dynamo, up to 50 "little ships" will make the crossing from Ramsgate to Dunkirk on May 27 and back on May 31.