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 (răm′zən, -sən)
n. often ramsons
A Eurasian plant (Allium ursinum) having edible leaves and bulbs with a pungent garliclike flavor. Also called wild garlic.

[Middle English ramsyn, from Old English hramsan, pl. of hramsa.]


(ˈræmzənz; -sənz) or


pl n (usually functioning as singular)
1. (Plants) a broad-leaved garlic, Allium ursinum, native to Europe and Asia
2. (Cookery) the bulbous root of this plant, eaten as a relish
[Old English hramesa; related to Middle Low German ramese Norwegian rams]
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Noun1.Ramsons - pungent Old World weedy plant
alliaceous plant - bulbous plants having a characteristic pungent onion odor


n (usu with sing vb, Bot) → Bärlauch m
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Some of the top companies exhibiting at these segments and incorporated shows include Ramsons, Dupont, Epson, HP, Mouvent, Konica Minolta, Colorjet, Mimaki, Rossari, Orange O Tec, Tajima, Atexco, Kornit Digital, Madeira, Coats India, Mehala, Fabcare, Alliance Laundry and Maestrelli, Veit and Primus.
Another plant that will eventually break through in large numbers very shortly is ramsons, which is also known as wild garlic.
Mae'n ddigon posibl eich bod chi hefyd (ar ol tyfu fyny!) wedi casglu dail craf y geifr (ramsons neu wild garlic yn Saesneg) i wneud saws neu i goginio hefo nhw.
In the larder, 34-year-old chef Ranno Paukson points out slippery green bags of pickled ramsons (wild garlic leaves harvested from the woods) alongside stacks of wild mushrooms in boxes, waiting to be preserved, whilst shelves of alluring jars twinkle in the restaurant.
The contractor for the project is Ramsons Construction Co.
IT'S summer, and the flowers of our open spaces and countryside have progressed from the daffodils, primroses and dandelions of early spring, through the bright bluebells, anemones and ramsons of woodlands, to the buttercups, cuckoo flowers and orchids which now fill our meadows.
Primroses RAMSONS is plant is also known as wild garlic and it has a strong garlicky smell.
Primroses RAMSONS This plant is also known as wild garlic and it has a strong garlicky smell.
e pond itself, a kind of oasis in the middle of the 126-hectare forest, is home to mallard, moorhen and heron and the ground around it is rich in bluebells, ramsons, red campion, cow parsley, marsh marigold, meadow sweet and male fern.
SCOTTISH DOCK PUDDING Take a colander full of bistort leaves and several leaves of comfrey, ladies' mantle, nettle tops and ramsons or dandelion.