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a.1.(Bot.) Having a general affinity to ranunculaceous plants.
Ranal alliance
(Bot.) a name proposed by Lindley for a group of natural orders, including Ranunculaceæ, Magnoliaceæ, Papaveraceæ, and others related to them.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The analyzed parameters were: germination percentage (G), mean germination time (MGT; Nakagawa, 1994), germination speed index (GSI), germination frequency and synchronization (U), (Santana and Ranal, 2004).
Germination experiment: We randomly selected 1 200 additional seeds to assess the influence of three factors: substrate (soil versus vermiculite), temperature (25[degrees]C constant versus ambient between 18-22[degrees]C) and moisture (humidity at 25% versus 50%), on germination capacity (the total number of seeds germinated, expressed in percentages) and germination rate (number of seeds germinated per day, expressed in percentages) (Ranal & Santana, 2006).
Foram avaliados os parametros de percentual germinativo e o tempo medio de germinacao de acordo com Labouriau (1983), o indice de velocidade de germinacao (MAGUIRE, 1962) e a variacao da germinacao no tempo (SANTANA & RANAL, 2004), a distribuicao da frequencia relativa de germinacao e a incerteza (U) associada a frequencia, calculadas de acordo com Labourial & Valadares (1976), coeficiente de variacao do tempo (SANTANA & RANAL, 2004) e o indice de sincronizacao (Z) adaptado de Primack (1980).
Os dados de percentagem de germinacao foram transformados em arco seno (x/100)11'5 (SANTANA; RANAL, 2004) e avaliados mediante analise de variancia com teste F, atraves do software Assistencia Estatistica (Assistat 7.6 beta), para discussao.
Tambien se ha relacionado la sensibilidad de la germinacion de las esporas de los helechos con la temperatura (PerezGarcia y Riba, 1982; Ranal, 1999) y con la interaccion de la temperatura con la luz (Perez-Garcia et al., 2007).
After 63 days, the following parameters were quantified: germinability (%G), average germination time (AGT), germination speed index (GSI), and the uniformity of germination coefficient (UGC) (SANTANA & RANAL, 2000).
(2012); germination rate index (GRI) according to Maguire (1962); and mean germination time (MGT) according to Edmond and Drapala (1958), cited by Ranal and Santana (2006).
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