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Noun1.Ranatra - elongate very slender water scorpionsRanatra - elongate very slender water scorpions
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Nepidae, Nepidae - water scorpions
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Abundance and age-specific spatial and temporal distribution in two waterbug species, Anisops deanei (Notonectidae) and Ranatra dispar (Nepidae) in three farm dams in south Australia.
Substratum requirements for oviposition, seasonal egg densities, and conditions for egg eclosion in Ranatra montezuma (Heteroptera: Nepidae).
La Familia Nepidae esta representada en el continente americano por los generos Telmatotrephes Stal, Ranatra Fabricius, Curicta Stal y Nepa Linnaeus (Stys & Jansson 1988).
Abstract--A new species of water scorpion, Ranatra schuhi, is described from the Shan Plateau of upper Burma.
Effect of environmental and physiological factors on reproductive potential of Ranatra filliformis Fabr.
Ranatra the water scorpion rests on stems by the side of the river, in a micro world, teased and tormented by insects around her.
American species of Ranatra annulipes Stal group (Hemiptera: Ranatridae).
Hemiptera Nabidae Hoplistoscelis Hemiptera Nepidae Ranatra Hemiptera Notonectidae Notonecta Hemiptera Pentatomidae Banasa Hemiptera Pentatomidae Brochymena Hemiptera Pentatomidae Brochymena Hemiptera Pentatomidae Euschistus Hemiptera Pentatomidae Euschistus Hemiptera Pentatomidae Mormidea Hemiptera Pentatomidae Podisus Hemiptera Pentatomidae Thyanta Hemiptera Pentatomidae Unident.
2004; Mazzucconi, 2008): Hebrus engaeus Drake & Chapman, Halobatopsis platensis (Berg), Hydrometra argentina Berg, Mesovelia mulsanti White, Paravelia platensis (Berg), Ranatra sjostedtiMontandon, Sigara forciceps (Spinola), Notonecta virescens Blanchard y Neoplea maculosa (Berg).
The feeding behavior of a sit-and-wait predator, Ranatra dispar (Heteroptera: Nepidae): the combined effect of food deprivation and prey size on the behavioural components of prey capture.
000 Nepidae Latreille, 1802 Ranatra Fabricius, 1790 Ranatra sp.
Pr + - + Mesovelia mulsanti White Pr - - + Buenoa salutis Kirkaldy Pr - - - Ranatra sjostdti Montandon Pr - - - Lipostemata humeralis Berg Pr - - + Neoplea maculosa Berg Pr + - + Neoplea argentina (Drake et Chapman) Pr - - + Saldidae Pr - + - Tenagobia selecta tarahui Bachmann Re + - - Tenagobia selecta White Re - - - Tenagobia schadei Lundblad Re - + - Lipogomphus lacunifera Berg Pr + + + ORTHOPTERA Cornops aquaticum (Bruner) He + + - Paulinia acuminata (De Geer) He - - - ODONATA Ninfas Perithemis sp.