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 (răn-châr′ə, rän-)
A traditional folk song of Mexico, typically performed by a mariachi band or solo musician and featuring alternating vocal and instrumental passages.

[American Spanish, from feminine of ranchero, of or relating to ranches; see ranchero.]
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His first commission for Phoenix (a co-commision with Sadler's Wells) is Nopalitos, which draws on a vast range of Mexican themes and influences - inspired by indigenous Mexican ranchero music, highly coloured and richly layered costumes and the Day of the Dead festival.
These are especially useful for foreign residents who want to hear news or other programs in English or French, or who fancy switching from listening to ranchero music to a bit of country or even some Irish folk tunes.
Today there's blues piano on the radio instead of ranchero music. Today, as her method of eliciting a response, Larisa calls over her shoulder while lacing the shoes, "Any signs of life back there?" You wonder how she tolerates the fight against Leonid's inertia, day after day, since you, as a viewer, can't take much of it.