random number generator

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Noun1.random number generator - a routine designed to yield a random number
subprogram, subroutine, procedure, routine, function - a set sequence of steps, part of larger computer program
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There are much simpler devices that were discovered to also display time delayed correlations over large distances: these are the Random Number Generators (RNG) or Random Event Generators (REG).
Devices known as random event generators (REGs) depend upon quantum effects, and although they are designed to produce a stream of purely random numbers, when people direct their attention to a single focus (not specifically intending to influence the REGs), a surprising reduction of randomness occurs.
We began with random event generator (REG) experiments asking participants, whom we called operators, to change the random output to higher or lower numbers, compared with baselines (Jahn, Dunne, Nelson, Dobyns, & Bradish, 1997).