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Noun1.random number generator - a routine designed to yield a random number
subprogram, subroutine, procedure, routine, function - a set sequence of steps, part of larger computer program
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2.2 Flaws with the 'random generator' model call for a return to the semantics-driven syntax of generative semantics (6)
Based on the secret key, the next stage is Pseudo Random Generator Algorithm (PRGA) that generates key stream bytes which XORed with the original bytes of plaintext to produce the cipher text [8].
Therefore, a random generator was written that creates random numbers without replacement.
The proposed method analyses the cover FLV file in order to find out the number and location of each video tag and then the data of secret message will be distributed randomly inside the random video tags through the Linear Congruent Generator (LCG) random generator. The existence of secret message is hard to be detected by the intruders or steganalysis due to the correct pre-knowledge that must be available for the receiver about the manipulation process, those knowledge are: the packets number, the packet length, the key of reordering secret message bytes, the key of video tag selection, the key agreement of decrypting method, the secret message length and the message extension.
"We've a random generator, which generates one horse that's selected each day at a fixture.
"No random generator can produce the contingency of nature," Ditz notes, "and contingency--even flaws--can be crucial to our impression that we are looking at reality as well as our sensation of beauty."
Input structures were generated by a random generator; that is, position, rotation, and scale of individual objects were affected.
We can estimate this possibility using a TinkerPlots simulation where we put our results into a random generator and then re-assign the results to the two groups (dolphin or control).
In our random generator, we used this method to avoid the border effect without affecting the randomness of node movement.
The random generator was made up of a radioactive source (strontium 90), a Geiger counter, and a four-step electronic switch controlling four lamps.
GeneratorLand.com is a site devoted to creating fun or useful random generator tools and letting members of the GeneratorLand.com community create their own tools with an emphasis on sharing and rating each others' work.
At this time, it may use the information received to compute the distribution [D.sub.u]: then, it generates a random variable [D.sub.u] following [D.sub.u] using a random generator. After this delay (at time [t.sub.u] + [D.sub.u]), u is eliminated: it may transmit some information to its (unique) neighbor, and disappears from the tree.