Random work

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(Masonry) stonework consisting of stones of unequal sizes fitted together, but not in courses nor always with flat beds.

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The Tunisia 2040 vision aims to set prospective programmes for the future and break with the random work of the administration and ministries and the policies undertaken in the country.
The meeting dealt with the current pricing of electricity and ways to reduce violations and assaults on the national electricity grid and the phenomenon of random work of the private generators.
When things are down, she is transported to other farms and does other random work.
* Revoking the channel's "deformed" internal regulations that were set in a rush after 28 months of random work; it is nothing but a list of retaliation that drives the foundation away from stability.
Nonetheless, Israel's leaders continue to insist that it is the random work of individual Palestinians.
It is a powerful technique, and an alternative to conventional stop watch time studies, used by industrial engineers to focus upon random work sampling observations.
She led regular meetings amongst work center Safety representatives and conducted monthly no-notice inspections on random work centers to ensure compliance with Environmental Safety and Occupational Health standards (ESOH).
In addition, the '87' version of Turbo Pascal (which uses the 8087 family of math coprocessors) uses IEEE standard 64-bit real arithmetic and so both real versions of Random work correctly with it.
"I haven't had a chance to plan anything yet but I think I am going to take a year out and do some general random work experience," Pendleton said.
It is a powerful technique used by industrial engineers instead of conventional stop watch time studies that require much more time instead of random work sampling interval observations.