Range of accommodation

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(Optics) the distance between the near point and the far point of distinct vision, - usually measured and designated by the strength of the lens which if added to the refracting media of the eye would cause the rays from the near point to appear as if they came from the far point.

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In a planning statement to Durham County Council, it states: "The proposed scheme has been carefully considered to provide a range of accommodation with access and public open space integrated within the overall vision for the site."
The Guadeloupe Islands will serve as a natural extension to JetBlue's Caribbean-leading strategy due to its diverse yet unique product offering that includes: five major islands to explore; black, gold and white sand beaches; a large range of accommodation options; cultural excursions; unmatched eco-tourism activities like hiking La Soufriere, waterfall canyoneering or diving; and of course, Art de Vivre and authenticity.
In some of the country's most coastal, countryside and lakeside locations, Parkdean Resorts has a great range of accommodation to suit your needs and budget, from caravans for the weekend to apartments for longer stays.
There is also a wide range of accommodation to fit every need and budget.
Wookey Hole Resort has a diverse range of accommodation options, ensuring that all families can enjoy a memorable holiday in the ultimate rural getaway.
The proposed home will provide a range of accommodation for older people including nursing and dementia care.
Find out more about the range of accommodation online.
With only one helicopter to hire, Martyn and Louise are looking to extend their range of accommodation and have purchased a Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer aeroplane to add to their fleet.
We believe this is a sustainable solution, which ensures excess hotel rooms won't go to waste after the tournament." Fakhro added: "There will be a range of accommodation options in 2022, including fan villages, cruise ships and traditional hotels.
Taiwan based LINE users will be able to access Agoda's full range of accommodation services and book properties in Taiwan and abroad.