Range work

(Masonry) masonry of squared stones laid in courses each of which is of even height throughout the length of the wall; - distinguished from broken range work, which consists of squared stones laid in courses not continuously of even height.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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load is clean burning and developed specifically for range work. It's designed to reduce fouling, using a high-tech polymer bullet coating--giving it the lipstick appearance.
The annual summer exhibition attracted 250 entries from professional and amateur artists from across North Wales submitting a wide range work covering a variety of subject and style.
"All the products in the range work in harmony with each other and many are infused with extracts of strawberries, cucumber, grapes and olives (Squalane).
Nearly 70% in the $100 million to $250 million range work with CUSOs.
Els' form-figures at Memorial (starting with his 1994 debut) read: 45-13-6-38-7-7-2-63-13-13-1-45-68-15 so history is on the side of buyers, and some range work with Butch Harmon should prepare him for another spell on the Muirfield Village leaderboard.
As I set up the flight for the range work, I finished coordinating with Konya Range on the administrative tasks.
Our outfielders do all kinds of range work, throws to the bases (concentrating on big bounces or on the fly), fence drills, do-or-die situations, and specific skills such as crowhops and communicating.
Most sorta' "tactical" backpacks (whatever that is) aren't designed specifically for range work, so end up being a compromise.
Above all else the gun is not boring black--Jeremy is making me another even cooler one as I write this--and the XD is a solid pistol and has held up very well to very intense range work. It's no secret I like the XD and it is my favorite of the polymer pistols.
But the magic seems to have gone from his fingers during all this intense range work and he now has the putting touch of an ape.