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 (räng′kə), Leopold von 1795-1886.
German historian who pioneered the modern methods of rigorously analyzing firsthand documentation. His works include The History of the Popes (1834-1836).


(ˈrɑŋ kə)

Leopold von, 1795–1886, German historian.
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In a brief "Coda,"the editors suggest that the emerging historiography of German punk cultures is starting to illuminate how punk really was ("wie es eigentlich gewesen"), as they borrow the dictum of nineteenth-century historian von Ranke and jokingly call him "perhaps the least punk German who ever lived" (168).
Throughout, he engages with ideas of Leopold von Ranke, Wilhelm Dilthey, Heinrich Rickert, Martin Heidegger, Mircea Eliade, Jean-Paul Sartre, Michel Foucault, and Hannah Arendt.
This was social norm until Leopold von Ranke began the project of grounding history in a rigorous empirical method, built around primary sources and qualitative research.
He was among the prime students of Leopold von Ranke, one of the founders of modern historical scholarship; he was first the protege, then the employee, and finally the embittered competitor and enemy of Georg Heinrich Pertz, who for more than half a century was at the helm of the prestigious Monumenta Germaniae Historica research center; and then he was the friend, protege, and collaborator of Theodor Mommsen (1902 Nobel laureate in literature), one of the central figures of ancient and early medieval studies.
A biografa de Ranke se ve confrontada com uma vasta quantidade de literatura especializada abrangendo a juventude de Ranke, a sua formacao luterana, a nomeacao como professor em Berlim, as tarefas docentes, o seu perfil filosofico, as viagens para os arquivos de Veneza e o seu envolvimento com a Academia Bavara de Ciencias e Humanidades.
A Leopold von Ranke (1795-1886) se le considera el pionero de la historia como ciencia: las ciencia de la historia; vinculo las artes de la politica y la historia para revelar que el talante cultural, sus gestos, dirigian la conducta politica.
4) La controversia acerca de la historia de la ciencia, iniciada por Chladenius, discipulo de Wolff, y defensor de la idea de un proyecto ilustrado de la ciencia, que a su vez seria contestado por Niebuhr y Ranke, iniciadores de la historia critica de la ciencia, en confrontacion a su vez con Hegel y Schleiermacher.
Al hablar de historia politica, indudablemente salen a flote los trabajos del historiador aleman Leopold von Ranke, quien es considerado el autor mas representativo del historicismo.
PUNJAB Congress president Partap Singh Bajwa while strongly condemning the lathicharge on dalit students in Nawanshahar on March 26, who were protesting against non- disbursement of scholarships, has demanded the removal of social welfare minister Gulzar Singh Ranke with immediate effect.
Carlyle finds it in emergent heroes, Ranke in discovering "what really happened," Walter Scott in rendering the past into fiction.