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(ˈræŋ kɪn)

pertaining to an absolute temperature scale (Ran′kine scale`) in which the degree intervals are equal to those of the Fahrenheit scale and in which 0° Rankine equals −459.7° Fahrenheit.
[1920–25; after William J. M.Rankine(1820–70), Scottish physicist]
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Noun1.Rankine - a unit of temperature on the Rankine scale
temperature unit - a unit of measurement for temperature
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Application of Rankine Cycle to Passenger Vehicle Waste Heat Recovery - A Review," SAE Int.
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In fact, the best remediation for the past several months of news might be the words and pictures of various video-art "Situations," 2006-, texts of which appear in Citizen, made jointly by Rankine and John Lucas (a photographer and video artist).
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