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Noun1.Rapateaceae - South American herbs somewhat resembling members of the Juncaceae
liliopsid family, monocot family - family of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
Commelinales, order Commelinales, order Xyridales, Xyridales - an order of monocotyledonous herbs
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Por otro lado, las hierbas se encuentran representadas por la familia Rapateaceae, que es la segunda familia mas importante (VIF: 0,347); las hierbas no se habian tenidoen cuenta en anteriores trabajos, en los cuales, solo se registro los individuos con un DAP mayor o igual a 2,5 y 10 cm.
In Rapateaceae, flowers of Kunhardtia have a monosymmetric corolla (Stevenson et al., 1998).
guianensis, Pitcarniapunicea, and Puya laxa) and two taxa of Rapateaceae (Stegolepsis ligulata, and S.
This thicket shows an extraordinary richness and diversity of herbaceous and subshrub elements, dominated by members of the Bromeliaceae, Rapateaceae, and other related families.
With ca 20 000 species, the extended order Poales includes about one third of all monocot species, including the grass and sedge families and their respective allies (graminids, cyperids and xyrids), plus three families, Bromeliaceae, Rapateaceae, and Typhaceae, that are relatively early-divergent within Poales, though their precise relationships remain unresolved (reviewed by Linder & Rudall 2005).
23 Dec 2001.--Type: Rapatea Aubl.; Rapateaceae Dumort., 1829.
Hydatellaceae, Mayacaceae, Rapateaceae, Sparganiaceae, Typhaceae and