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Level up the action at the Paintball Republic Extreme Outdoor Adventure Park, which has a paintball field, outdoor wall for rapelling and a zip line.
What we did spend on were experiences ndash travel, bungy jumping, rapelling, whitewater rafting, hiking glaciers, ice climbing, etc.
Visitors were given demonstrations of the combat worthiness of troops through combat riding, unarmed combat and heli rapelling. The students were shown various military equipment and given experience of small arms firing.
The first day involved some rapelling as well which Bear states is just a way to break in his Hollywood star guest.
This Belize adventure also allows lots of free time to explore nearby waterfalls, forest trails and Mayan ruins, with optional rapelling tours available to Antelope or Big Falls.
To fast track the rescue operation, authorities sent 10 motorcycles and rapelling equipment to some 120 rescuers.
Firefighters, almost 400 of them, are working the Tumblebug complex, some rapelling in from helicopters, others parachuting out of fixed-wing planes.
They do confidence courses, rapelling and sailing, among other things--and I get to qualify and take part in a lot of that as well."
He takes into the field the knowledge of his double BA in Health and Physical and Health Education from Queen's University every time he sets out with his clients on a hiking, rock climbing, rapelling, kayaking or canoeing trip with a mission to rebuild self-esteem through cultural and adventure-based leadership programs.
He said: 'His first climbing experience was when a neighbour caught him rapelling down our house.