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 (hŏl′ən-shĕd′, -ĭnz-hĕd′) or Hol·lings·head (-ĭngz-hĕd′), Raphael Died c. 1580.
English historian. His volume Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1577) was used extensively by Shakespeare as well as other Elizabethan dramatists as a source of historical information.


(ˈhɒlɪnʃɛd) or


(Biography) Raphael. died ?1580, English chronicler. His Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1577) provided material for Shakespeare's historical and legendary plays


(ˈhɒl ɪnzˌhɛd, ˈhɒl ɪnˌʃɛd)

also Hollingshead

Raphael, died c1580, English chronicler.
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21) I follow the standard practice of referring to the Chronicles as 'Holinshed', although Raphael Holinshed had died well before the second edition.
Early modern chroniclers frequently note that Cade went by the name 'Mend-all': for example, Raphael Holinshed reports that 'his name was John Cade, or (of some) John Mend-all'; John Stow says 'he was named of some John amend all'; and John Trussel says that he styled himself 'Captaine Mend-all'.
For those readers who have wanted to know more about the obscure figure known as Raphael Holinshed, a brief but careful five-page appendix by Henry Summerson, "Raphael Holinshed: New Light on a Shadowy Life," provides the most up-to-date account, based in part upon legal disputes in which Holinshed was involved and documents pertaining to his nearly thirty-year relationship with his employer Thomas Burdet.
Raphael Holinshed, in his Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1587 ed.
The third examination compares the accounts of the reign of Richard II by the chroniclers Edward Hall and Raphael Holinshed.
The English historian Raphael Holinshed in his Chronicles (1587) shows this mixture of scientific interest and concern in his entry for 1572:
Neither Edward Hall, nor John Stow, nor Raphael Holinshed call Ravenspur a 'town' or a 'port', and it was in fact an old name for Spurn Head.
v]; Raphael Holinshed, The Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Irlande (1577), ii.
That possibility has given some scholars pause, but Milton relied heavily on earlier writers, including Geoffrey of Monmouth, Bede, Gildas, William of Malmesbury, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, and probably Raphael Holinshed and used no manuscript sources.
Raphael Holinshed, The Second Volume of the Chronicles (1586), sigs.
14) Raphael Holinshed, Chronicles, Newlie Augmented and Continued By J.
For contrast, one compares this account with that of the other great Elizabethan English historian, Raphael Holinshed, whose 1577 and 1587 Chronicles also reported the same event.