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Raph·a·el 1

 (răf′ē-əl, rā′fē-, rä′fē-ĕl′)
One of the archangels of Hebrew tradition.

Raph·a·el 2

 (răf′ē-əl, rā′fē-, rä′fē-ĕl′) Originally Raffaelo Sanzio. 1483-1520.
Italian painter whose works, such as The School of Athens (1510) and Sistine Madonna (1512), exemplify the ideals of the High Renaissance.


1. (Bible) Bible one of the archangels; the angel of healing and the guardian of Tobias (Tobit 3:17; 5–12). Feast day: Sept 29
2. (Biography) original name Raffaello Santi or Sanzio. 1483–1520, Italian painter and architect, regarded as one of the greatest artists of the High Renaissance. His many paintings include the Sistine Madonna (?1513) and the Transfiguration (unfinished, 1520)
ˌRaphaelˈesque adj


(ˈræf i əl, ˈreɪ fi-, ˌrɑ faɪˈɛl)

1. (Raffaello Santi or Sanzio) 1483–1520, Italian painter.
2. one of the archangels.
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Noun1.Raphael - Italian painter whose many paintings exemplify the ideals of the High Renaissance (1483-1520)Raphael - Italian painter whose many paintings exemplify the ideals of the High Renaissance (1483-1520)
2.Raphael - an archangel of the Hebrew tradition
archangel - an angel ranked above the highest rank in the celestial hierarchy


[ˈræfeɪəl] NRafael


[ˈræfeɪəl] n (Art) → Raffaello
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