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This is the tradition of Raphaelesque classicism as reinterpreted by the Carracci and their followers in Bologna and Rome.
Cheeke argues in his introduction that "Browning's painter-poems are closely engaged with Raphaelesque pathos," with its association of "a particularly dangerous potency for Protestant viewers" (p.
Caravaggio's outliers, in their haste to speculate the fruits of antinomy inherent in stereotyping Caravaggio, simply misinterpreted the quintessence of his art, namely, that "as a champion of naturalism who poisoned Mannerism and destroyed Raphaelesque painting, Caravaggio straddled two antithetical historical roles: savior and foe of art, Christ and Antichrist" (187).
Which also could explain why the Northbrook is Raphaelesque but somehow seems to lack what is so evident in the Cowper Madonna, the magical touch of Raphael.
Part Puck, part Raphaelesque child, the little fellow seems the embodiment of love.