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Police made their way to the Raploch area as part of Operation Close Pass, which is designed to teach motorists about sharing road space with those on bikes, on Wednesday.
In 2002 film-makers Douglas Campbell and Alistair Scott spent a year in the Raploch Estate on the outskirts of Stirling, producing six half-hour documentaries about the lives of residents.
uk/courses/hairdressing/The College delivers Level 2 and 3 Beauty courses in the Falkirk and Raploch campuses, Level 2 Hairdressing courses in the Falkirk, Alloa and Raploch campuses and Level 3 Hairdressing courses in the Raploch campus.
Goodwillie, of Raploch, Stirling, who made his United debut when he was only 16, was ordered to appear again in person at the next hearing.
A music project known as the Sistema, which transforms the lives of Venezuelan children, and a similar scheme introduced to the Raploch estate in Stirling.
Convicted child molester Alan Christie, 50, was escorted out of his DSS bedsit by police after the mums staged a three-hour siege on the Raploch council estate in Stirling.
The father of three was escorted from the hostel at Raploch, Stirling, by police.
30am-2pm every Tuesday and Thursday in the Raploch Campus, next to the library.
She had been filmed at primary school in original documentary Raploch Stories in 2002 and its follow-up, five years later.
It's a moment that was captured in the 2002 BBC documentary Raploch Stories, which followed a year in the lives of residents of the housing estate on the outskirts of Stirling.
The 45-year-old, father of two grown up children, was last seen by a friend walking through Raploch, Stirling, on April 2.