Raquette River

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Ra·quette River

A river of northern New York rising in the Adirondack Mountains and flowing about 280 km (175 mi) north to the St. Lawrence River.
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The lake is 393 ha in area, reaches a maximum depth of 33 m, and is hydrologically connected to the Raquette River lake-chain through an outlet at its north end (Fig.
He also was a true Native son of New York State, born in the Adirondacks on the Raquette River around 1800.
They would be paddling upstream against current of the mighty Raquette River. The object was to reach the confluence of the main and east artery of these waters, where Rene said they would judge if waters were high enough to push deeper into the vast swatch of trackless wilderness flowing from the Boundary Peak area, nearly 5,000 feet above.
The assemblage of Loyalists emerged from the forest near the mouth of the Raquette River, near the point at which Johnson's father had made camp so many years ago.
Places like Raquette River, Saranac River, Black River and Taylor Pond to name a few.
Regis River and Oneida Lake) have received the most intense stocking efforts with less intensive stockings in others waters (Cayuga Lake, Genesee River, Raquette River and St.
The trail system culminates at the Raquette River, where raised wooden overlooks give you sweeping views of the river and mountains beyond.
What we find can't be found on a High Peaks trail or in a canoe along the Raquette River. It's a feeling that says "This is where you need to be." For a week we study the woods and are inspired by nature.
Armchair paddlers will marvel as they live Jerome's tour through the Inlet, Forked Lake, around Buttermilk Falls, up Long Lake and the Raquette River, into Lower and Upper Saranac Lakes and beyond.