Raritan River

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Rar·i·tan River

A river, about 120 km (75 mi) long, formed by the confluence of two tributaries in north-central New Jersey and flowing eastward to Raritan Bay, the western arm of Lower New York Bay, at Perth Amboy.
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Soon after establishing their new winter command post at New Brunswick in January 1776, British officers had quickly realized the adjacent Raritan River to be the safest and most efficient supply route to their nearby post at Perth Amboy.
"However, there are impacts to projects that require federal permits or other regulatory reviews, such as Northern Branch and Raritan River Draw.
The firm's client, the owner/developer North American Properties, has announced Riverton, a 418-acre, shovel-ready waterfront redevelopment on the Raritan River, in a joint venture with New Jersey-based PGIM Real Estate.
She drowned in the Raritan River, more than 100 feet below.
As most residents of Somerset County, N.J., know, the Raritan River is prone to flooding after a heavy rain.
A water treatment plant built in the early 1900s along the nearby Raritan River supplied water to the estate's man-made reservoirs.
The underground portion of the transmission lines (230kV) starts about Vi mile behind the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison, NJ, and crosses roughly 1.5 miles of wetlands and the Raritan River. Transmission line work was awarded to Ferriera Construction/EJ Electric and the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) work was subcontracted to Carson Corporation.
Sayreville sits next to the Raritan River and just inland from the Raritan Bay, site of devastating flooding from Superstorm Sandy in October 2012.
Federal officials still don't have a plan to treat the two most toxic dump sites on the American Cyanamid site on this township's Raritan River waterfront.
A 250-acre forested wetland and preserve forms the center of the property and is associated with a tributary to the South Branch Raritan River. Corridors of stately trees surround the open meadows and rolling fairways, and lead to vistas unobstructed by any visible housing.
I have a community on the Raritan River, a good five miles from the Hudson Bay.