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A volcanic island of the southern Pacific Ocean in the southwest Cook Islands. The largest and most important island in the group, it serves as the capital of the Cook Islands.


(Placename) an island in the S Pacific, in the SW Cook Islands: the chief island of the group. Chief settlement: Avarua. Pop: 12 188 (2001). Area: 67 sq km (26 sq miles)


(ˌrær əˈtɒŋ gə)

one of the Cook Islands, in the S Pacific. 9281; 26 sq. mi. (67 sq. km).
Ra`ro•tong′an, adj., n.
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The Oral Traditions of the Rarotongan Land Court Records.
One such involved Stoddart in his position of Collector of Revenue, versus Tata Crocombe--the co-owner along with former NZ TV journalist Liz Raizis of the Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa.
In an awed presentation, youth health specialist Yvonne Kainuku-Walsh likened the principles of youth health to the process of creating the Rarotongan quilted bed rug, the tivaevae--quality relationships, fostering resiliency, participation, connectedness, good information and the big picture, ie young people's wider environment.
Memory and monumentality in the Rarotongan landscape.
Despite his life-long exploration of his Polynesian background and mythology, his exploration of the Maori past of his Kapiti coast home environment and the appearance mid-career of a significant trilogy of novels set in the Pacific, Alistair Campbell, 'of Rarotongan and Scots descent', (48) has had nowhere comfortable to 'fit' in existing narratives of New Zealand literature since he left behind the strongly-European-influenced hieratic verse of his first collection Mine Eyes Dazzle (1950): there is no room for him, for example, in Underhill's bibliography, a decision made by the project's Maori advisory, and he appears only briefly in Into The World of Light and Te Ao Marama.
Another insight into local culture can be found at Island Nights and the best one is at the Rarotongan beach resort and spa.
Head for resorts like the Rarotongan Beach Resort and Spa, the Pacific resorts on both islands and perhaps the most spectacular, the Aitutaki Pearl Beach resort - which has a corner of the island to itself.
For hotel information and prices in Rarotongaand Aitutaki, visit www.pacificresort.com for the Pacific Resort hotels (prices start from pounds 100), www.pearlresorts.com for the Pearl Beach resorts (from around pounds 112), www.rarotongan.co.ck for the Rarotongan Beach Resort And Spa or phone +682 31218 for Paradise Cove.
In the Introduction, "Ropati" says she uses English for "straight narrative" but moves to Puka Pukan and Rarotongan for "exposition, description and imaginative work": "In translating Johnny's Puka Pukan I have, time and again, found my English inadequate to interpret her mood, humor and ingenuous philosophy of life.
Viewed in Hocartian terms, this article is thus an extension of my earlier work on the centralizing role of Rarotongan and Tahitian churches (Sissons 2007, 2008).
The model is based on environmental factors, but the Rarotongan production system is as much a product of history as of environment.