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 (răs-pyo͞o′tĭn, rə-spo͞o′tyĭn), Grigori Efimovich 1869-1916.
Russian starets whose magnetic personality and relative success in treating the czarevich's hemophilia gained him favor in the court of Nicholas II. He was assassinated by noblemen who disliked his scandalous behavior and feared that he was exerting undue influence on the royal family.
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(ræˈspjuːtɪn) (Russian rasˈputin)
(Biography) Grigori Efimovich (ɡriˈɡɔrij jɪˈfiməvitʃ). ?1871–1916, Siberian peasant monk, notorious for his debauchery, who wielded great influence over Tsarina Alexandra. He was assassinated by a group of Russian noblemen
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(ræˈspyu tɪn, -ˈspyut n)

Grigori Efimovich, 1871–1916, Russian mystic.
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Noun1.Rasputin - Siberian peasant monk who was religious advisor in the court of Nicholas IIRasputin - Siberian peasant monk who was religious advisor in the court of Nicholas II; was assassinated by Russian noblemen who feared that his debauchery would weaken the monarchy (1872-1916)
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The Russian mystic and close confidante of the Czarina due to his treatment of her son Alexei, Rasputin had a reputation for hedonism and wielded much influence in the Russian Imperial court, making many enemies.
I don't think Montemagno is Rasputin, but I do think he is a confidence man with a loyal cult of believers in train.
Rasputin's legendary manhood was hacked off and a museum claims to have it pickled in a jar on display.
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She found it hard to disguise her low spirits and, one day, Rasputin, the bearded holy man who was a spiritual advisor to the family, stopped to question her.
As a family chronicle, the book also has much to say about the sisters' relationship with their father, Tsar Nicholas II; with their brother, Alexei; and, of course, with the wily Rasputin. Helen Rappaport knows the sources well.